Blast and Impact Dynamics

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering


In processing the signals from split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) experiments it is often assumed that longitudinal stress waves in the pressure bars propagate one-dimensionally at a common velocity c_0, and so measurements taken at the strain gauges are often simply translated to the end of the bar using a... Read more
When modelling explosive detonations and blast wave propagation it is important that material movement is aligned with the elements. If a spherical charge is modelled in a rectangular mesh, an advection error is introduced. By modelling the blast wave in a radially symmetric mesh, this problem can be avoided. This... Read more
This simple MatLab script will provide pressure, impulse, arrival time and duration predictions for a user defined explosive charge mass and stand-off. The parameter predictions for positive and negative phase are given by digitised data from UFC-3-340-02, Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions . The negative phase is... Read more
This MatLab code allows the user to generate a series of keyword files for use with LS-DYNA to predict the blast load and evaluate the effects of blast wave clearing on a finite-sized, deformable target. User documentation is provided. This code is distributed freely for academic use, with the caveat... Read more